Payment for the ground service

This payment is added to the original local price of the goods or services that you are ordering. It is of course payed by you, and never by the person who receives the gift.

This payment covers:
- Expenses, taxes and revenue of our company registered in Albania.
- Handling and transfer of your order from our office in Tirana to the retailer (often done verbally by phone).
- Handling, personalisation and delivery of goods to the location and timing of your choice, and often by surprise.
- All day customer service by phone or in person in Tirana.

This payment depends heavily on the fee that the retailer charges for the delivery, as well as on the way your order is transferred to the retailer (phone, fax, email).
When a retailer serves more than one city or village, this payment depends on the distance.

This payment does not depend on the number of items, nor on their cost (except when the goods are mailed).

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