Payment for the Ground Service

The service is often more important than even the gift.
This is what 14 years of experience and tens of thousands of orders have taught us, and that's why our employees are:

  • Selected meticulously
  • Treated and paid very well
  • Instructed to pay attention to details
  • Deliver your order as you would have done it

This payment covers:

  • Expenses, taxes and revenue of our company registered in Albania
  • Handling and transfer of your order from our office in Tirana to the retailer, by phone, email or fax
  • Personalisation of order and delivery
  • Delivery on the requested location and time, mostly by surprize, and without zip codes
  • 16x7 customer service from our Tirana office

This payment does not depend on the number of items, nor on their cost, except when mailed.
This payment depends heavily on retailer's delivery charge, and the way the retailer receives the order.

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