About us

We are a team of people made of employers who know that greed hurts the common good, and employees who know that their work is appreciated and rewarded.
We are a team that believes that being on high moral ground should overcome the call for profit.

We run this service at the very best because:

We understand that the gift you are ordering means a lot to you.
We understand that there's no room for error, your loved one will not celebrate her 30-th Birthday again.. ever!
We know that what you are sending is feelings, and not just goods.
We don't just drop off goods and rush away. We consider timing, we contact the receiver if no one is there and we try to keep the surprise.
In many destinations, we take a picture of the flower and gift delivery moment for you.
We do it like you would have done it.
We serve since 2006 and thousands of happy customers have written us back.

Organisation wise, we are made of one company registered and located in Canada and one company registered and located in Albania. The Canadian company is in charge of the online aspect of this service, including customer service and online payments. The Albanian company is in charge of running the ground services in Albania.

Please contact us with any question.

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