Privacy Policy

When you order flowers gifts or shop online with, you will provide the following personal information:

- Your name, phone number, email and postal code
- Name, address and phone number of the person who will receive your order

We will use this information for the purpose of serving you at ONLY.
We will never share this information with other companies, agencies or individuals.
We internally use your personal information to keep in contact with you in the course of confirming, tracking and delivering your order.
Once in 6 months, and with your consent, we inform you of our new products, services and offers.

When paying by credit card you will submit your credit card information.
Pages where you type this information are high grade encrypted and verified by GeoTrust Inc.

We DO NOT store and we DO NOT even see any of your credit card information.
This information is automatically, instantly and securely transmitted to your bank through two world leader companies: Stripe and Paypal.

When you choose to create a account, the password you pick is saved encrypted and even we cannot see. If you forget your password we will set a new temporary password which you can later change at any time.

Note: This privacy policy is designed according to recommendations of The Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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